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22 Apr 2024
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  • the-grafted-greatness-top-10-mango-trees-for-hyper-production-in-india-english.jpeg

    The Grafted Greatness: Top 10 Mango Trees for Hyper-Production in India

    01-Jun-2024 - 0 Comments.

    India, the cradle of mangoes, is not just about indulging in the juicy sweetness of the fruit; it's a cultural and economic powerhouse. To cater to the ever-increasing domestic and global demand, innovative techniques like grafting have come to the forefront.

  • top-10-most-expensive-mangoes-in-india-english.jpeg

    Top 10 Most Expensive Mangoes in India

    27-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    India, the undisputed land of mangoes, boasts hundreds of varieties, each with its unique flavor, aroma, and texture. But amidst this delightful abundance lies a select group – the crown jewels of the mango world – known for their exorbitant price tags and unmatched quality.

  • how-to-set-up-mango-farming-in-maharashtra-english.jpeg

    How to Set up a Mango Farm in Maharashtra

    08-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    Maharashtra, the land of vibrant festivals and historical landmarks, also boasts a fertile landscape perfect for cultivating the "King of Fruits" - the mango. With its diverse agro-climatic zones, the state offers immense potential for establishing a thriving mango farm.

  • indias-top-mango-producers-states-in-2022-23-english.jpeg

    India's Top Mango Producers states in 2022-23

    05-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    India, the land of vibrant spices and diverse flavors, holds a special place in its heart for the "King of Fruits" - the mango. Every summer, the country explodes with the sweet aroma and juicy goodness of this beloved fruit.

  • icar-working-on-round-the-year-availability-of-mankurad-mangoes-english.jpeg

    ICAR working on round the year availability of Mankurad mangoes in Goa

    20-Oct-2021 - 0 Comments.

    Round the year availability of traditional Goan products like ‘Mankurad' mango and ready to eat livestock products like Goan sausage, shrimp/duck curry will be a reality soon, ICAR Director Parveen Kumar said recently.

  • indias-export-footprint-expands-gi-certified-mango-shipped-to-bahrain-english.jpeg

    India's export footprint expands; GI certified mango shipped to Bahrain

    11-Jul-2021 - 0 Comments.

    India has expanded its footprint of mango exports to the newer countries this season, notwithstanding logistical challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic.

  • gi-certified-mangoes-exported-to-bahrain-english.jpeg

    GI certified mangoes exported to Bahrain

    09-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    In a major boost to mango export potential from the eastern region, sixteen varieties of mangoes including three GI certified Khirsapati and Lakshmanbhog (West Bengal), Zardalu (Bihar) are being exported to Bahrain.

  • india-shipped-a-consignment-of-2-5-mt-of-mangoes-to-south-korea-english.jpeg

    India shipped a consignment of 2.5 MT mangoes to South Korea

    23-May-2021 - 0 Comments.

    APEDA in collaboration with the Indian embassy, Seoul, and Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ICCK), organized a Virtual Buyer Seller Meet (VBSM) for boosting mango exports to South Korea.

  • states-supporting-mango-farmers-to-go-online-english.jpeg

    States supporting mango farmers to go online

    09-May-2020 - 0 Comments.

    With COVID 19 crisis hampering agricultural activities and extending lockdown have again make farmers difficult to reach markets and traders, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telegana state governments have to come to the rescue.

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