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26 May 2024
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  • the-alluring-allure-of-agarwood-can-indian-farming-embrace-the-quot-wood-of-gods-quot-english.jpeg

    The Alluring Allure of Agarwood: Can Indian Farming Embrace the "Wood of Gods"?

    16-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    Agarwood, also known as Gaharu or Aloe wood, is no ordinary tree. Often referred to as the "Wood of Gods," its resinous, fragrant heartwood fetches exorbitant prices in the international market due to its use in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicine.

  • top-beetroot-producing-states-in-india-english.jpeg

    Top Beetroot Producing States in India

    02-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    India, with its diverse climatic conditions, is a major producer of a variety of vegetables, one of which is beetroot. This vibrant and versatile vegetable is known for its earthy flavour and aroma, and is often referred to as a super food due to its rich nutritional profile.

  • the-sweet-and-sour-tale-of-sugarcane-crop-in-india-english.jpeg

    The Sweet and Sour Tale of Sugarcane Crop in India

    27-Oct-2023 - 0 Comments.

    Sugarcane, often referred to as the "green gold" of India, holds a significant place in the country's agricultural landscape.

  • global-turmeric-conference-unites-stakeholders-for-developing-ecosystem-english.jpeg

    Global turmeric conference unites stakeholders for developing ecosystem

    28-Sep-2023 - 0 Comments.

    The maiden one-day Global Turmeric Conference here ended with deliberation around challenges and opportunities that would pave the way of growth and development of Turmeric ecosystem often referred as ‘golden commodity’.

  • shakti-pumps-commences-operations-in-uganda-to-supply-solar-powered-water-pumping-system-english.jpeg

    Shakti Pumps commences operations in Uganda to supply solar-powered water pumping system

    27-Apr-2023 - 0 Comments.

    Shakti Pumps (India) Limited (herein referred to as “Shakti Pumps”), a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel submersible solar pumps, pressure booster pumps, pump-motors, controllers, and inverters among other products, has expanded its presence in another export market with the commencement of operations in Uganda and opened a branch office in the country. 

  • shakti-pumps-receives-patent-for-slip-start-synchronous-run-motor-english.jpeg

    Shakti Pumps receives patent for 'slip start synchronous run motor'

    07-Sep-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Shakti Pumps (India) Limited (herein referred to as ‘Shakti Pumps’), India's leading manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors has received its second patent during FY23 for creating Shakti Slip Start Synchronous Run Motor. 

  • north-eastern-state-exports-burmese-grapes-leteku-to-dubai-english.jpeg

    North Eastern state exports Burmese grapes 'Leteku' to Dubai

    29-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    In a major boost to harness the export potential of agricultural and processed food products from north-eastern states, a shipment of fresh Burmese grapes referred to as ‘Leteku’ in the Assamese language has been exported to Dubai from Guwahati by the air route.

  • maharashtra-exports-exotic-dragon-fruit-to-dubai-english.jpeg

    Maharashtra exports exotic dragon fruit to Dubai

    26-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    In a major boost to the export of exotic fruit, a consignment of fibre and mineral-rich ‘Dragon Fruit’, also referred to as Kamalam, has been exported to Dubai.

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