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22 Apr 2024
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  • rising-sea-surface-temperatures-affecting-fish-distribution-in-indian-waters-english.jpeg

    Rising sea surface temperatures affecting fish distribution in Indian waters

    19-Oct-2023 - 0 Comments.

    Rising sea surface temperature (SST) is affecting fish distribution patterns in Indian waters, said Dr J K Jena, Deputy Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). 

  • harvesting-hope-climate-resilient-crops-transforming-agriculture-worldwide-english.jpeg

    Harvesting hope: Climate-resilient crops transforming agriculture worldwide

    16-Oct-2023 - 0 Comments.

    As our world grapples with the growing impacts of climate change, the future of agriculture is at a crossroads. Rising temperatures, shifting weather patterns, and extreme events are threatening food security worldwide. In response, scientists and farmers are turning to an essential solution: climate-resilient crops. The urgency of climate-resilient crops

  • mahas-palghar-university-dbskkv-signs-mou-with-iskcon-to-revolutionize-farming-english.jpeg

    Maha's Palghar university DBSKKV signs MoU with ISKCON to revolutionize farming

    26-Jul-2021 - 0 Comments.

    International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Krishi Vidhyapeeth (DBSKKV) of Dapoli in Ratnagiri district have joined hands to bring about Agricultural reforms and change patterns of farming in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, considered to be a backward area of the state in Agricultural farming.

  • climate-change-likely-to-affect-agricultural-productivity-in-maharashtra-says-institute-for-sustainable-communities-english.jpeg

    Climate change likely to affect agricultural productivity in Maharashtra, says Institute for Sustainable Communities

    30-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    Climate analysis predicts mismatch in rainfall and temperature patterns with crop phenology: Soybean, Cotton, Wheat and Gram crops at risk finds Institute for Sustainable Communities study across three major regions of Maharashtra.

  • icici-bank-to-use-satellite-imagery-to-assess-creditworthiness-of-farmers-english.jpeg

    ICICI Bank to use satellite imagery to assess creditworthiness of farmers

    28-May-2021 - 0 Comments.

    ICICI Bank has announced a unique way to assess the creditworthiness of a specific group of customers. The bank will use satellite data imagery to measure an array of parameters related to the land, irrigation, and crop patterns and use it in combination with demographic and financial parameters to make quick lending decisions for farmers.

  • government-statement-on-cropping-patterns-english.jpeg

    Government statement on cropping patterns

    20-Sep-2020 - 0 Comments.

    National Food Security Mission, NFSM, Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture, MIDH, State Agricultural Universities, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, ICAR, ICAR-Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research, Modipuram, Agro Climatic Zonal Conferences, Agricultural Universities, KVKs, cropping systems, AICRP-Integrated Farming Systems, farmers

  • world-has-to-double-food-production-by-2050-to-feed-teeming-billions-english.jpeg

    World has to double food production by 2050 to feed teeming billions

    21-Apr-2017 - 0 Comments.

    Indian agriculture has the wherewithal to overcome problems of climate change and take the path of sustainable and climate-smart agriculture (CSA) by using mitigation techniques and adapting technology and new crop patterns, said Shyam Khadka, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Representative in India, at a conference organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).”

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