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18 Apr 2024
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  • top-apple-producing-states-in-india-english.jpeg

    Top Apple Producing States in India

    09-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    Apples, with their crisp texture and refreshing sweetness, hold a special place in the hearts of many Indians. From the iconic "apple a day" adage to featuring prominently in various desserts, this versatile fruit enjoys immense popularity across the country.

  • how-to-set-up-mango-farming-in-maharashtra-english.jpeg

    How to Set up a Mango Farm in Maharashtra

    08-Apr-2024 - 0 Comments.

    Maharashtra, the land of vibrant festivals and historical landmarks, also boasts a fertile landscape perfect for cultivating the "King of Fruits" - the mango. With its diverse agro-climatic zones, the state offers immense potential for establishing a thriving mango farm.

  • she-stands-tall-how-women-are-revolutionizing-indias-agri-and-allied-space-english.jpeg

    She Stands Tall: How women are revolutionizing India's agri & allied space

    08-Mar-2024 - 0 Comments.

    For centuries, women have been the backbone of India's agricultural sector, silently toiling in fields and contributing significantly to food security. However, their immense contribution has often gone unnoticed.

  • drone-technology-set-to-revolutionize-indian-agriculture-cutting-post-harvest-losses-by-50-reveals-study-english.jpeg

    Drone technology set to revolutionize Indian agriculture, cutting post-harvest losses by 50%, reveals study

    22-Sep-2023 - 0 Comments.

    A groundbreaking analysis conducted by Skye Air, a pioneering drone delivery logistics provider, has uncovered the immense potential of drone technology to transform India's agri-commodity landscape.

  • anmol-feeds-sets-up-livestock-feed-unit-in-jammu-english.jpeg

    Anmol Feeds sets up livestock feed unit in Jammu

    26-Aug-2019 - 0 Comments.

    Looking at the immense opportunity for animal feed in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal based feed manufacturer, Anmol Feeds has set up a new 70,000 tonnes per annum feed plant

  • basf-enters-india-crop-protection-market-english.jpeg

    BASF enters India crop protection market

    24-Jan-2017 - 0 Comments.

    Looking at immense scope in crop protection market, global chemical company, BASF has entered crop protection sector in India for rice.

  • gram-2016-plasticulture-to-play-major-role-in-doubling-farmers-income-english.jpeg

    GRAM 2016: Plasticulture to play major role in doubling farmers income

    15-Nov-2016 - 0 Comments.

    Rajasthan agriculture sector has immense opportunities for Plasticulture in terms of efficient usage of water, Ms. Neelkamal Darbari, principal secretary, Agriculture, government of Rajasthan, Ms Neelkamal Darbari said at the recently concluded Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet 2016

  • india-targets-15-mt-fish-production-2020-english.jpeg

    India targets 15 MT fish production 2020

    26-Jul-2016 - 0 Comments.

    Looking at immense scope for development of fisheries and aquaculture, India has restructured the Central Plan Scheme under an umbrella of Blue Revolution and has set a target of 15 million tonnes of fish production by 2019-20 fiscal year, Sudarshan Bhagat, Indian Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare informed the parliament recently.

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