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18 Apr 2024
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Top 10 Grape Varieties of Maharashtra

Top 10 Grape Varieties of Maharashtra

Explore the diverse world of grapes in Maharashtra! Discover the top

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MUMBAI, 18 February 2024: Maharashtra, the "Grape Bowl of India," boasts a rich tapestry of flavors and textures when it comes to grapes.

From the succulent sweetness of table grapes to the bold character of wine grapes, the state cultivates a diverse range of varieties, each contributing to its thriving grape industry.

Let's delve into the top 10 grape varieties that crown Maharashtra's vineyards:

1. Thompson Seedless: This iconic green-skinned grape reigns supreme in Maharashtra, accounting for a significant portion of its table grape production. Renowned for its seedless nature, crisp texture, and refreshing sweetness, Thompson Seedless enjoys immense popularity both domestically and internationally.

2. Sonaka: A golden-hued mutant of Thompson Seedless, Sonaka inherits its parent's seedlessness and sweetness but boasts a larger berry size and a touch more acidity. This variety thrives in Maharashtra's climate, making it a valuable addition to the state's grape repertoire.

3. Tas-A-Ganesh: Another successful mutant of Thompson Seedless, Tas-A-Ganesh shares its parent's seedlessness and sweetness but features a slightly elongated shape and a firmer texture. This variety caters to diverse consumer preferences, adding another dimension to Maharashtra's grape offerings.

4. Flame Seedless: This vibrant red grape variety adds a splash of color to Maharashtra's vineyards. Flame Seedless is known for its seedlessness, juicy texture, and balanced sweetness with a hint of tartness. Its attractive appearance and delicious flavor make it a popular choice for both fresh consumption and raisin production.

5. Sharad Seedless: This white grape variety, also known as "Anab-e-Shahi," translates to "king of grapes" in Urdu, reflecting its esteemed status. Sharad Seedless is prized for its large, oval-shaped berries, exceptional sweetness, and delicate muscat flavor. This variety is primarily cultivated for domestic consumption, often gracing special occasions and festivals.

6. Bangalore Blue: While primarily associated with Karnataka, Bangalore Blue has found a flourishing home in certain pockets of Maharashtra. This deep blue grape variety is known for its unique appearance, seedlessness, and mildly sweet flavor with a touch of acidity. Its vibrant color and interesting taste profile make it a conversation starter at any gathering.

7. Beauty Seedless: This white grape variety is slowly gaining popularity in Maharashtra. Beauty Seedless is appreciated for its seedlessness, firm texture, and refreshing sweetness with a hint of floral aroma. This variety caters to consumers seeking a lighter and slightly tart grape experience.

8. Bhokri: This indigenous black grape variety, also known as "Pachadrakshi," meaning "green eye" in Marathi, holds historical significance in Maharashtra. Bhokri is known for its medium-sized berries, seedlessness, and unique flavor profile with notes of blackberry and spice. This variety is primarily used for raisin production and adds a distinct character to traditional Maharashtrian dishes.

9. Gulabi: This pink grape variety adds a touch of elegance to Maharashtra's vineyards. Gulabi, also known as "Panneer Drakshi," meaning "cheese grapes" in Marathi, is appreciated for its seedlessness, soft texture, and mild sweetness with a hint of muscat flavor. This variety is enjoyed fresh and is also used in the production of rose wines.

10. Kali Sahebi: This black grape variety, also known as "Black Prince," adds a bold presence to Maharashtra's grape scene. Kali Sahebi is known for its medium-sized berries, seeds, and robust flavor profile with notes of black currant and plum. This variety is primarily used for wine production and contributes to the growing reputation of Maharashtrian wines.

Beyond the List:

This list offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of grape varieties that Maharashtra cultivates. However, it's important to acknowledge that ongoing research and experimentation are constantly introducing new and exciting varieties to the state's vineyards. Additionally, factors like climate change and consumer preferences can influence the future landscape of grape cultivation in Maharashtra.

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