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18 Apr 2024
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  • praman-ai-transforming-the-apple-trade-in-jandk-english.jpeg

    Praman.ai transforming the apple trade in J&K

    28-Jan-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Known to be paradise on earth, Kashmir is celebrated for its apples across the globe with home to almost 100+ varieties of Apple. More than 40 percent of Kashmir's 80 lakh inhabitants, including seven lakh farmers, are involved in the apple trade.

  • top-5-misconceptions-about-satellite-imagery-for-agriculture-english.jpeg

    Top 5 Misconceptions About Satellite Imagery for Agriculture

    01-Jul-2021 - 0 Comments.

    From the early days of Landsat to present-day commercial providers, agriculture has been one of the largest adopters of satellite imagery. By partnering with leading agricultural companies over the years, we've gained a window into the day-to-day challenges, concerns, and opportunities that growers have across the globe.

  • scope-for-subscription-model-in-indias-agri-sector-english.jpeg

    Scope for subscription model in India’s agri sector

    07-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    Despite the ups and downs of the economy, there are many ways that a successful business can achieve success. Many business owners are now shifting to a subscription-based business model, which is beginning to catch on across the globe.

  • central-institute-of-fisheries-technology-releases-advisories-to-fisheries-sector-in-12-languages-english.jpeg

    Central Institute of Fisheries Technology releases advisories to fisheries sector in 12 languages

    07-May-2020 - 0 Comments.

    In order to tackle COVID 19 pandemic that has spread all across the globe leading to lockdown, Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (ICAR-CIFT) has prepared advisories in 12 languages for the benefit of the fishermen and fishing community on a whole.

  • recognize-super-foods-to-shift-dietary-needs-towards-sustainable-crops-writes-fsii-executive-director-english.jpeg

    Recognize super foods to shift dietary needs towards sustainable crops, writes FSII executive director

    22-Apr-2020 - 0 Comments.

    Sustainable food production with low carbon footprint is being demanded not only by researchers and environmentalists but also consumers across the globe.

  • cmfri-discuss-concerns-on-data-gap-in-shark-trade-english.jpeg

    CMFRI discuss concerns on data gap in shark trade

    24-Jul-2019 - 0 Comments.

    A four-day global expert meeting on shark trade got underway at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) on Wednesday with a call to address deep knowledge gaps and support managers in management of existing shark and ray fishery across the globe

  • bayer-outlines-its-vision-for-the-future-of-agriculture-english.jpeg

    Bayer outlines its vision for the future of agriculture

    10-Oct-2018 - 0 Comments.

    Joined by farming stakeholders, academia, NGOs and industry experts from around the globe, Bayer outlined its vision for the future of agriculture today, reaffirming its commitment to innovation, sustainability and digital transformation to help ensure the world’s rapidly growing population can be fed without starving the planet

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