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06 Dec 2022
Wheat : Dara Max Price: 2500 Min Price: 2100   |   Paddy(Dhan)(Common) : Common Max Price: 2100 Min Price: 2040   |   Rice : III Max Price: 2300 Min Price: 2000   |   Maize : Hybrid Yellow (Cattle Feed) Max Price: 1975 Min Price: 1962   |   Jowar(Sorghum) : Annigeri Max Price: 2980 Min Price: 2970   |   Bengal Gram(Gram)(Whole) : Desi (Whole) Max Price: 6000 Min Price: 5800   |   Black Gram (Urd Beans)(Whole) : Black Gram (Whole) Max Price: 7400 Min Price: 6800   |   Green Gram (Moong)(Whole) : Ankola Max Price: 7775 Min Price: 7755   |   Mustard : Sarson(Black) Max Price: 6200 Min Price: 5800   |   Apple : Delicious Max Price: 7600 Min Price: 7200   |   Banana : Banana - Ripe Max Price: 3200 Min Price: 2800   |   Onion : Red Max Price: 1800 Min Price: 1400   |   Potato : Desi Max Price: 1500 Min Price: 1200   |   Bajra(Pearl Millet/Cumbu) : Hybrid Max Price: 2365 Min Price: 2350   |   Barley (Jau) : Dara Max Price: 2300 Min Price: 2000   |   Cauliflower : Cauliflower Max Price: 2200 Min Price: 1800   |   Brinjal : Brinjal Max Price: 1800 Min Price: 1400   |   Coriander(Leaves) : Coriander Max Price: 1400 Min Price: 1100   |   Methi(Leaves) : Methi Max Price: 2000 Min Price: 1600   |   Arhar (Tur/Red Gram)(Whole) : Arhar (Whole) Max Price: 7000 Min Price: 6700   |   Papaya : Papaya Max Price: 6600 Min Price: 6200   |   Tomato : Deshi Max Price: 3400 Min Price: 3000   |   Bitter gourd : Bitter Gourd Max Price: 3000 Min Price: 2600   |   Bottle gourd : Bottle Gourd Max Price: 1800 Min Price: 1400   |   Pumpkin : Pumpkin Max Price: 1800 Min Price: 1400   |   Bhindi(Ladies Finger) : Bhindi Max Price: 2000 Min Price: 1600   |   Green Chilli : Green Chilly Max Price: 2000 Min Price: 1800   |   Ginger(Green) : Green Ginger Max Price: 2200 Min Price: 1900   |   Cabbage : Cabbage Max Price: 2200 Min Price: 1800   |   Cucumbar(Kheera) : Cucumbar Max Price: 1200 Min Price: 900   |   Ridgeguard(Tori) : Ridgeguard(Tori) Max Price: 1800 Min Price: 1400   |   Raddish : Raddish Max Price: 1600 Min Price: 1300   |   Guava : Guava Max Price: 1400 Min Price: 1100   |   Pomegranate : Pomogranate Max Price: 7500 Min Price: 7000   |   Masur Dal : Masur Dal Max Price: 7600 Min Price: 7300   |   Bengal Gram Dal (Chana Dal) : Bengal Gram (Split) Max Price: 6600 Min Price: 6300   |   Little gourd (Kundru) : Little gourd (Kundru) Max Price: 2400 Min Price: 2000   |   Pointed gourd (Parval) : Pointed gourd (Parval) Max Price: 2300 Min Price: 1900   |   Lemon : Lemon Max Price: 3200 Min Price: 2800   |   Colacasia : Colacasia Max Price: 2000 Min Price: 1600   |  

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  • dvara-e-dairy-launches-cattle-loan-facility-for-farmers-in-tamil-nadu-karnataka-english.jpeg

    Dvara E-Dairy launches cattle loan facility for farmers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka

    01-Nov-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Dvara E-Dairy Solutions Pvt Ltd has launched Dvara Surabhi Loan, a ‘True cattle loan’ offered digitally by leveraging new age technologies in partnership with Jana Small Finance Bank to create scalable access to finance for unbanked and underbanked small dairy farmers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

  • federal-bank-begins-testing-for-rbih-developed-kcc-english.jpeg

    Federal Bank begins testing for RBIH-developed KCC

    23-Sep-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Federal bank officially launched the pilot for Instant Kisan Credit Card (KCC) in the presence of the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) and the Tamil Nadu state government.

  • usa-dubai-deities-to-get-hands-on-gi-certified-madurai-malli-flowers-exported-from-tamil-nadu-english.jpeg

    USA, Dubai deities to get hands on GI certified Madurai Malli flowers exported from Tamil Nadu

    09-Jul-2021 - 0 Comments.

    For ensuring that Indians living abroad get supplies of fresh flowers to deities at home and temples, consignments of Geographical Indications (GI) certified Madurai malli and other traditional flowers such as button rose, lily, chamanthi, and marigold were exported to USA and Dubai from Tamil Nadu.

  • southwest-monsoon-advanced-further-into-entire-coastal-karnataka-goa-some-parts-of-maharashtra-english.jpeg

    Southwest monsoon advanced further into entire coastal Karnataka, Goa, some parts of Maharashtra

    05-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    According to the National Weather Forecasting Centre of the India Meteorological Department: (Saturday 05 June 2021, Time of Issue:16:30 hours IST; Based on 14: 30 hours IST observations) all India weather inference (evening) Southwest monsoon has further advanced into more parts central Arabian Sea, entire coastal Karnataka, Goa, some parts of Maharashtra, most parts north Interior Karnataka, some parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, more parts of Tamil Nadu, more parts of central Bay of Bengal and some parts of northeast Bay of Bengal today the 5 June 2021.

  • india-exports-4-5-mt-village-rice-to-ghana-and-yemen-english.jpeg

    India exports 4.5MT village rice to Ghana and Yemen

    01-Jun-2021 - 0 Comments.

    In a major boost to India’s non-basmati rice exports potential, two consignments of 4.5 MT patented ‘village rice’ sourced from Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu by a start-up Udaya Agro Farm was exported to Ghana and Yemen via air, sea routes.

  • nabard-chairman-launches-e-commerce-platform-for-farmers-produce-english.jpeg

    NABARD chairman launches e-commerce platform for farmers produce

    27-Jan-2021 - 0 Comments.

    The NABARD chairman Dr. G.R. Chintala has launched e-commerce website Bhumi Pride of Indian Natural Farmer Producer Company Limited (INFPCL), a Farmers Producer Company promoted by Hand in Hand India (HiH), an NGO based in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

  • over-9-crore-farmer-get-inr-18000-cr-deposited-via-direct-benefit-transfer-english.jpeg

    Over 9 crore farmer get INR 18000 Cr deposited via direct benefit transfer

    27-Dec-2020 - 0 Comments.

    The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi recently released the 7th instalment of financial benefit under PM KisanSammanNidhi through video conference.PM also interacted with farmers from Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. Farmers narrated their experiences about how they have benefitted since the introduction of the Farm Acts.

  • pearl-millet-price-will-be-static-estimates-tnau-english.jpeg

    Pearl millet price will be static, estimates TNAU

    07-Nov-2016 - 0 Comments.

    Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has predicted that prices of pearl millet also known as Bajra in India will be static.

  • tamil-nadu-district-launches-fmd-disease-vaccination-programme-english.jpeg

    Tamil Nadu district launches FMD disease vaccination programme

    12-Sep-2016 - 0 Comments.

    In order to save state cattle from Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Tamil Nadu's Vellore district has started vaccination of all cattle against FMD across all district.

  • tamil-nadu-announces-e-procurement-of-paddy-english.jpeg

    Tamil Nadu announces e-procurement of paddy

    06-Aug-2016 - 0 Comments.

    With a view to choke leakages in payment to farmers, Tamil Nadu has announced procurement of paddy through online system.

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