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16 Jul 2024
Banana : Besrai Max Price: 5200 Min Price: 2200   |   Onion : Bellary Max Price: 4500 Min Price: 4000   |   Potato : (Red Nanital) Max Price: 5000 Min Price: 4800   |   Cauliflower : Ranchi Max Price: 5500 Min Price: 5000   |   Brinjal : Round Max Price: 5000 Min Price: 4800   |   Coriander(Leaves) : I Sort Max Price: 4500 Min Price: 4200   |   Papaya : Papaya Max Price: 2200 Min Price: 2000   |   Tomato : Deshi Max Price: 6000 Min Price: 5500   |   Cluster beans : Cluster Beans Max Price: 4000 Min Price: 3800   |   Bitter gourd : Bitter Gourd Max Price: 7000 Min Price: 6800   |   Bottle gourd : Bottle Gourd Max Price: 1500 Min Price: 1200   |   Ashgourd : Gouard Max Price: 3200 Min Price: 2600   |   Pumpkin : Pumpkin Max Price: 3800 Min Price: 3200   |   Bhindi(Ladies Finger) : Bhindi Max Price: 3000 Min Price: 2600   |   Amaranthus : Amaranthus Max Price: 4000 Min Price: 3800   |   Green Chilli : Green Chilly Max Price: 8000 Min Price: 7800   |   Banana - Green : Banana - Green Max Price: 2200 Min Price: 2000   |   Beans : Beans (Whole) Max Price: 9000 Min Price: 8800   |   Ginger(Green) : Green Ginger Max Price: 14000 Min Price: 13500   |   Coconut : Coconut Max Price: 2800 Min Price: 1800   |   Carrot : Pusakesar Max Price: 8800 Min Price: 8600   |   Cabbage : Cabbage Max Price: 5000 Min Price: 4800   |   Snakeguard : Snakeguard Max Price: 2800 Min Price: 2600   |   Beetroot : Beetroot Max Price: 8000 Min Price: 7800   |   Ridgeguard(Tori) : Ridgeguard(Tori) Max Price: 4800 Min Price: 4500   |   Raddish : Raddish Max Price: 3600 Min Price: 3400   |   Green Avare (W) : Avare (W) Max Price: 7200 Min Price: 7000   |   Elephant Yam (Suran) : Elephant Yam (Suran) Max Price: 6200 Min Price: 6000   |   Amla(Nelli Kai) : Amla Max Price: 3000 Min Price: 2500   |   Onion Green : Onion Green Max Price: 4000 Min Price: 3600   |   Mint(Pudina) : Mint(Pudina) Max Price: 4000 Min Price: 3800   |  

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  • omnivore-expands-team-with-multiple-hires-english.jpeg

    Omnivore expands team with multiple hires

    01-Nov-2023 - 0 Comments.

    Omnivore, India's leading agritech venture capital firm, announced four strategic hires to lead key functions and strengthen the firm's commitment to supporting innovations in agriculture and food systems. 

  • bayer-honors-three-young-agricultural-leaders-with-an-award-supporting-the-projects-they-designed-to-help-feed-the-world-english.jpeg

    Bayer honors three young agricultural leaders with an award supporting the projects they designed to help feed the world

    12-Apr-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Three young leaders, each with a passion for sustainable global agriculture, have been named winners of Bayer’s Youth Ag Summit Thrive for Change Awards. Bruno Ferreira from Bolivia, Chidinma Ezeh from Nigeria and Emiliano Barbero from Argentina will each receive a €5,000 bursary award to help put their winning Thrive for Change project ideas into action.

  • uzbekistan-gets-usd-200m-financial-support-from-world-bank-english.jpeg

    Uzbekistan gets USD 200m financial support from World Bank

    26-Mar-2022 - 0 Comments.

    The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a USD 200m financing package for the Second Rural Enterprise Development Project (REDP) aimed at supporting the establishment and expansion of farms and rural enterprises in 10 regions of Uzbekistan.

  • india-showcases-digital-agriculture-ecosystem-at-expo2020-english.jpeg

    India showcases digital agriculture ecosystem at EXPO2020

    25-Feb-2022 - 0 Comments.

    As part of the ongoing 'Food, Agriculture and Livelihood' fortnight, at India Pavilion at EXPO2020 Dubai, Ministry of Agriculture and Family Welfare, Government of India, hosted a seminar on 'Emerging Technologies in Farm Machinery, Digitization & Opportunities for Entrepreneurships', to showcase the innovative technologies that are supporting and promoting the overall productivity and agribusiness of India's farm sector through farm mechanization, digitization and entrepreneurship development.

  • a-letter-to-readers-supporters-english.jpeg

    A Letter to readers, supporters

    02-Jan-2022 - 0 Comments.

    Thank you all our readers and advertisers for supporting AgriTimes.co.in in 2021, though it was a tough year, a challenge lies ahead for all of us in 2022.

  • milk-producers-hails-gujarat-government-for-covid-assistance-on-export-of-skimmed-milk-powder-english.jpeg

    Milk producers hails Gujarat government for Covid assistance on export of skimmed milk powder

    17-Jul-2021 - 0 Comments.

    Hailing the Gujarat government for supporting state milk producer during the time of Coid with assistance on Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP), Shamalbhai B Patel, Chairman, Amul Federation said INR 50 per kg Covid assistance was a remarkable and a very timely & sensitive decision.

  • farmers-protests-are-state-centric-says-agri-minister-addressing-assocham-meeting-english.jpeg

    Farmers protests are state centric, says agri minister addressing ASSOCHAM meeting

    16-Dec-2020 - 0 Comments.

    Describing the on-going farmers' protests as an ''exception'' and ''one state''- centric, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said at an ASSOCHAM meeting that there is an atmosphere of excitement about the new farm laws with lakhs of farmers supporting the 'historic reforms' in India's agriculture sector.

  • all-india-kisan-coordination-committee-release-statement-supporting-farm-bills-after-meeting-agri-minister-english.jpeg

    All India Kisan Coordination Committee release statement supporting farm bills after meeting agri minister

    14-Dec-2020 - 0 Comments.

    The All India Kisan Coordination Committee (AIKCC) since its inception from the early 1980s has been leading a sustained struggle to free farmers from the exploitative policies of the various govts at the centre and the states.

  • states-supporting-mango-farmers-to-go-online-english.jpeg

    States supporting mango farmers to go online

    09-May-2020 - 0 Comments.

    With COVID 19 crisis hampering agricultural activities and extending lockdown have again make farmers difficult to reach markets and traders, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telegana state governments have to come to the rescue.

  • supporting-livelihoods-and-nutrition-of-smallholder-farmers-in-india-english.jpeg

    Supporting livelihoods and nutrition of smallholder farmers in India

    14-Dec-2018 - 0 Comments.

    Bayer and the S M Sehgal Foundation (SMSF) – a non-profit organization supporting smallholder farmers in India – have announced the “Sustainability of Agriculture and Smallholder Development” project. Aim of the project is to improve farmers’ incomes by introducing them to easy-to-learn-and-adopt best agronomic practices.

  • financial-inclusion-infrastructure-big-game-changers-clfma-english.jpeg

    Financial inclusion, infrastructure big game-changers: CLFMA

    20-Feb-2018 - 0 Comments.

    Promoting financial inclusiveness and supporting infrastructure investments are two of the most impactful aspects that the livestock sector in India had long been waiting for.

  • ruchi-soya-launches-kisan-kalyan-ayojan-with-sbi-english.jpeg

    Ruchi Soya Launches Kisan Kalyan Ayojan with SBI

    06-Dec-2016 - 0 Comments.

    In a view supporting farmers in availing the benefits of digital banking post demonetization, Ruchi Soya has partnered with India’s largest bank State bank of India

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