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Anmol Feeds sets up livestock feed unit in Jammu

26 Aug 2019

Looking at the immense opportunity for animal feed in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal based feed manufacturer, Anmol Feeds has set up a new 70,000 tonnes per annum feed plant

JAMMU, 25 August 2019: Looking at the immense opportunity for animal feed in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal based animal feed manufacturer, Anmol Feeds has set up a new 70,000 tonnes per annum feed plant.

The plant was inaugurated recently is expected to meet the states demand for animal feed. The company also believes that due to rising population, there is a need to increase production and productivity in animals and provide adequate nutrition to our country. The need for balanced nutrition for cattle, poultry, aqua and shrimp feed is thus essential to supplement the protein requirement of our country.

With an installed capacity of 400,000 Tons per annum annually across the country, the newly opened plant has been set up with an investment of USD 2 million (INR 15 crore). 

The factory will primarily produce poultry feed. The company also unveiled its plan to launch its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture. Introduction of Nouriture will propel the company into future businesses of aqua and shrimp feed, cattle feed and consolidate their poultry business, the company said in a statement.

Speaking on this development, Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd said, “By opening our new facility in Jammu, we will be closer to our consumers in the J&K region and can better adapt our products to their needs and preferences. We have witnessed strong northward growth in Jammu & Kashmir with respect to our poultry feed with significant demand coming from various districts. We are extremely glad to have started our operations here and there is a distinct possibility of expanding in the state."

"As a corporate we always work cohesively towards the development of social infrastructure in the area, which may open up economic opportunities for future in the region. We are sure the local communities will benefit from the growth and development prospects of the region,” Saraogi underlined.

Livestock is emerging as an important sector in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir and plays a significant role in the socio-economic development of the state. Livestock forms an important constituent of the economy of our country in general and that of agricultural sector in particular. It provides employment to about 8.8 % of the population in India. India has vast livestock resources.

Livestock sector contributes 4.11% to GDP and 25.6% of total output from Agriculture sector. This sector not only provides essential protein for nutritious human diet through milk, egg, meat, etc., but also provides gainful employment, particularly to small, marginal and landless labourers in rural areas. It also provides subsidiary occupation in rural and semi urban areas and for people living in drought prone, hilly, tribal and other backward areas where crop production on its own is not able to sustain them fully, the company statement adds.

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